Dedicated, compassionate service is the core of our Company

CureCare believes that providing a high level of service to patients, pharmacies, and health care professionals is essential to our success.

Our professional team of Registered Nurses collaborate and works in harmony with the pharmacies and physicians to provide a variety of in-home infusion services to our patients. We arrange for the delivery of medication and any needed supplies and, if need be, teach patients and caregivers how to infuse the prescribed medicine.


There’s No Place Like Home

We will provide services to allow patients to receive intravenous, and other treatments, safely from the comfort and privacy of their own home.  This can be a cost-effective alternative to an extended hospital stay, avoiding placement in a nursing home, or traveling to an infusion center.

Clinical Trial Nursing Services

CureCare realizes that clinical trials are important in advancing patient care and that nurses who coordinate clinical trials require a specialized skill set. CureCare’s Registered Nurses are experienced in performing these critical duties. They can be vital in the support they provide to patients and the clinical trial enterprise as advocates, educators, and collaborators. Our nurses can fulfill these roles essential to safe, effective patient care and a smoothly running clinical trial.

Utilizing CureCare Nurses can be cost-effective and remove the burden of a site visit. We have invaluable knowledge and experience to help researchers gather the information they need to draw conclusions from the study.

Geographical Coverage

CureCare services multiple geographic regions, including, Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Our Commitment… at every level

A large part of CureCare’s success stems from a commitment, at every level, to the well-being of each individual we serve.  You can rely on our highly skilled, qualified staff to effectively service our patient base to help improve the quality of life of our patients.